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Ice Double Espresso Lait (500ml)

Ice Double Espresso Lait (500ml)

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Savor the bold, invigorating taste of premium espresso harmoniously blended with creamy, frothy milk in our Double Espresso Fresh Brew Milk. Crafted for coffee enthusiasts seeking an extra kick of flavor and richness, this indulgent beverage offers a delightful balance of robust espresso and velvety milk.

Our Double Espresso Fresh Brew Milk starts with the finest espresso beans meticulously selected for their rich flavor profile and intense aroma. Each shot of espresso is expertly brewed to perfection, capturing the full-bodied essence of freshly roasted coffee beans.

To complement the espresso's boldness, we combine it with smooth, creamy milk, carefully steamed to achieve a luxuriously velvety texture. The milk serves to enhance the espresso's complex flavor while adding a touch of sweetness and creaminess to the drink.

Whether enjoyed as a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon indulgence, our Double Espresso Fresh Brew Milk is the perfect blend of caffeine and comfort. Immerse yourself in the rich, aromatic flavors of freshly brewed espresso and creamy milk, and experience the ultimate coffee-lover's delight with every sip.

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