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Mao Shan Wang Collection

   Why Mao Shan Wang Cake is a need? Durian is a... 

Chinese New Year 2024

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Best Seller Passion fruit / Mango Pineapple Tarts.

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0 Preservatives

No Artificial flavoring / No sweetener

Cakes Customization

We customized cakes from 6" to 2 tiers. We uses natural ingredients. No Preservatives or artificial flavouring, hence I dont do Fondants cakes. Mainly Buttercream, fresh cream with toys theme.

Specially handcrafted bakes for every moments.

May whatsapp mema: 91179988 for more cake discussions.

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Unique Sable Cakes

Unique Sable Cake Collection

You will never find any sable cake anywhere in SG. First to invent... 

  • Ros's Review

    "Thanks for making such a beautiful and delicious cake! (The sponge was heavenly leh!!!)"

  • JamieYeo's Review

    "She chose the strawberry shortcake from @memabakery. The lovely Tiramisu also from them ❤️!"

  • Customer’s review

    Mango maddness sable:

    “It was a hit with the birthday boy and my kids. Cakes all gone!”

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About Memabakery

We are a homebased bakery which started in Aug 2016.

Le corden Bleu trained, we only use the highest grade of premium quality ingredients to create beautiful pastries and cakes for your special occasions.

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  • 8Dayseat Review

    Michelle Chia
    What she ate: Mao shan wang cake
    Yummy factor: Apparently, Mema Baker's durian log cake — made with premium mao shan wang, no less — was so delicious that Michelle polished off her first creamy slice in seconds. If that doesn't tempt you to try it for yourself, we don't know what will.
  • FoodKingGood

    Food King Good, Famous youtube Show. Highly Recommend everyone to try MSW Cakes. "Your cake is so Insane", "Literally the best cakes i had eaten"
  • SGAGS XiaoMing

    "I love this MSW from @memabakery!!! The MSW flesh are freshly de-seeded and not from puree or pulp so you really can taste the durian. And look at the amount of effort in the details to make it look like real durian ! 💯💯"
  • Foodaholic Review

    MSW Durian Fruit Mousse Cake is one of the BEST-SELLER from memabakery and after trying, we definitely know why.The cake is soft and fluffy and packed with a generous amount of durian in it. Every bite comes with a mouthful of durian flesh which was super satisfying. we also tried 2 of their tarts: Pink sea salt milk choco tarts & biscoff tarts. We cleared the 2 bottles in 1hour lolol.
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How we deliver?

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  • SGAG Xiao Li Review

    "This is really really really good!"

  • Euchristelle's Review

    "Passionfruit Pineapple tart so much win" The texture of the tart is really good for all. But the passionfruit one wins all tarts I've ever eaten PLZ TRY U GUYS, the mango pineapple tart too. It's something new so it's really a new found love for me."
  • Michelle's Review

    Melt in your mouth cookies. so fluffy and addictive. Sweetness at it's perfection!

  • Cynthia Koh's Review

    My ultimate favourite is Biscoff and passionfruit pineapple tart!

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