About us

Mema bakery was born in August 2016 in the modest little kitchen of Mema. It is a kitchen filled with love, passion and dedication.

Mema's Motto: Simple, lovely, rich. #MErrilyMAgical

Mema's Philosophy: Rich Flavors, home baked with love, simplicity, quality ingredients.

Mema believes in serving simple classic baked products that are rich in flavor.

Every single product is home baked with love with minimal use of machinery.

Mema believes that there is no shortcut to achieving quality taste thus we carefully sources for the finest ingredients for all the baked products.

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Little Story of Mema, 
Mema always love baking. Due to a lot of personal issue, unable to attend any baking lessons anywhere when Mema was younger. She attended ABC Baking Lesson over the weekend when she is working at the same time. She felt that is not good enough so in order to realise a small little dream of hers.
After working for 10years, finally manage to saved enough money to attend Le Corden Bleu in Tokyo, Daikanyama. 
Good news and Bad new to Mema, she got to know she was pregnant on the first week of school in Japan. Despite being pregnant, she insisted to continue. She manage to get 2 certifications and didnt get the Diploma as baby is in due course. 
Attained two certificates from Le Corden Bleu, Basic and Superior. 

Dear customers,

Do take note that Memabakery's cookies are freshly baked and has no preservatives thus cookies have to keep them away from sunlight and humid areas. Eat them fresh and best before 12-16weeks once open. Enjoy!
*Esp Pineapple Tarts.

Signatures cookies can keep up to 12-16 weeks under right condition. 

Our cookies are based on low sugar level. If you would like us to adjust the sugar level, do let us know. 

Cakes: Best eaten on the day of receiving. Well preserved in fridge max 3days depend on individual fridge situation. 

Handmade from scratch.