About us

Mema Bakery, heralded as the creator of the best-voted MSW Durian Mousse Cake in Singapore and the unrivaled Passionfruit/Mango Pineapple Tart, traces its origins to the humble kitchen of Mema in August 2016. This kitchen is not just a culinary space; it is a sanctuary brimming with love, passion, and unwavering dedication.

Mema's Motto, encapsulated in the hashtag #MErrilyMAgical, revolves around the principles of simplicity, loveliness, and richness. This ideology extends to Mema's Philosophy, where the essence lies in crafting baked wonders that are not just delightful but are also a testament to home-baked love, simplicity, and the use of only the finest quality ingredients.

At the core of Mema's approach is a belief in delivering simple yet classic baked products that boast richness in flavor. What sets Mema apart is the commitment to a meticulous, hands-on process, with each product being home-baked with love, eschewing shortcuts and relying minimally on machinery.

Mema is a staunch advocate for the irreplaceable value of top-tier ingredients, emphasizing that there is no substitute for quality taste. The brand diligently sources the finest components to weave into the fabric of every baked creation.

For those eager to explore the verdict of Mema's delectable offerings, a treasure trove of reviews awaits on their Facebook page and Instagram stories, with over 2000 reviews narrating tales of culinary enchantment.

However, Mema is not just a purveyor of exceptional treats; it is a brand that values the satisfaction of its patrons. While every effort is made to ensure the optimal condition of goods during delivery, Mema kindly requests understanding that once the products are in your hands, any subsequent damage or spoilage is beyond their control. A diligent recommendation is extended to inspect the items upon receipt.

To all the patrons who have supported Mema on this flavorful journey, a heartfelt thank you is extended. Your support, expressed with heart emojis and gratitude, fuels the magic that is Mema Bakery. 🥰🙇🏼‍♀️