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Events Curated for Youth

Events Curated for Youth

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Minimum 2 friends to join any activites :)

Both customized printing of t-shirts/tote bags and baking donuts/brownies can be excellent activities for engaging youth. Here's how you can approach each:

Customized Printing T-shirts/Tote Bags:

Creative Session:
- Introduce the participants to the basics of t-shirt/tote bag printing.
- Encourage them to brainstorm designs or provide themes to work around.

- Allow participants to express their creativity freely on their chosen item.

- Organize a showcase event where participants can display and model their creations.
- Allowing them to take their printed items home as souvenirs.

Baking Donuts/Brownies:

#### 1. Preparation:
- Gather ingredients and equipment for baking, including donut/brownie pans, mixing bowls, and ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, etc.
- Prepare recipes suitable for the group's skill level and preferences, including options for dietary restrictions if necessary.

#### 2. Baking Session:
- Demonstrate baking techniques and safety precautions.
- Divide participants into smaller groups for a hands-on baking experience.
- Supervise and assist participants as they follow the recipes and bake their treats.

#### 3. Decoration:
- Provide various toppings, frostings, and decorations for participants to customize their donuts/brownies.
- Encourage creativity and experimentation with flavors and designs.

#### 4. Enjoyment:
- Once the treats are baked and decorated, allow participants to enjoy them together.
- Consider organizing a tasting session where participants can sample each other's creations and share feedback.

### Additional Tips:
- **Safety First:** Ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place, especially when working with equipment and tools.
- **Encourage Collaboration:** Foster a collaborative environment where participants can work together, share ideas, and support each other.
- **Provide Guidance:** Offer guidance and assistance as needed, but also allow participants to explore and express their creativity independently.
- **Capture Memories:** Take photos throughout the activity to commemorate the experience and create lasting memories for participants.

By incorporating elements of creativity, hands-on learning, and collaboration, both activities can be enjoyable and enriching experiences for youth.

Care information

**Storage Guidelines for Cookies and Tarts:**
- **Opened Cookies and Tarts:** Best consumed within 7 days of opening. For prolonged freshness, refrigeration is recommended.
- **Unopened Cookies Tub:** Can be stored for up to 12 weeks. Refrigeration extends shelf life and ensures lasting freshness.
- **Freshness Assurance:** Our cookies are freshly baked upon order and contain no preservatives, coloring, or additive flavoring.

**Storage Recommendations for MSW Pastries:**
- **Optimal Storage:** Best stored in the freezer.
- **Defrosting:** Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour of defrost time in your fridge before serving.
- **Freezer Storage:** May be stored in the freezer for up to 2 weeks.
- **Comprehensive Instructions:** Full instructions for storage and serving will be provided.

**Storage Instructions for Fruit Cream Cakes:**
- **Ideal Temperature:** Before serving, store in the fridge at 7 degrees Celsius or below.
- **Special Note for Dairy-Free Cream Cakes:** Due to the absence of added sugar, our dairy-free cream cakes are softer and fluffier; hence, they must be stored in the fridge.

**Important Notice:**
- **Quality Assurance:** We freshly bake our products upon order, without preservatives or artificial additives.
- **Inspect Upon Receipt:** While we take utmost care to deliver goods in optimal condition, any subsequent damage or spoilage after delivery is beyond our control. We highly recommend inspecting items upon receipt.
- **Customer Satisfaction Commitment:** We are dedicated to addressing any issues and ensuring your satisfaction to the best of our ability. Your support is deeply appreciated. 🥰🙇🏼‍♀️

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