1. What ingredients we used in our bakes?
  • We used mainly local products and finest butter. Certain premium ingredients are air flown from japan. E.g. sweet potatoes, matcha powder, hojicha powder. All ingredients are stated in each product on the webpage.

2. Are your bakes vegetarian?

  • Rose cookies are eggless, Cornflakes can opt for eggless as well. Do let us know if certain bakes is it possible to make them eggless?

3. What type of payment are we receiving?

  • We accept Paylah!, Paynow!, Googlepay and POSB Bank Transfer.

4. How long will we take to bake once payment done?

  • Usually once payment made, we will bake 1-3 day in advance to make sure all our bakes are fresh for customers. Do advise the date or time of collection. For cookies orders, I have update the order below question no. 14.


  • All my bakes are already less sweet they can’t go any further lesser sugar. I can only increase sweetness level but not lower. :) 

6. Where can I collect my purchased items?

  • Blk 279b sengkang east ave Singapore 542279 
  • Do take note that wave 9 and bedok Reservoir is just a place for collection of cookies. Due to too many incidents whereby the stocks are not there, to avoid inconvenience cause for customers and the shop owner we have decided to cease the two locations from 1 Feb 2020.

    7.  Delivery?

    • We offer delivery @ $20. Jurong/ sentosa/ Tuas @$35.
    • Ranging from $10-$30 depending on location. Choose them on the last page of shipping details.
    • Please do check your postal code range
    1. Postal code start with (53, 54, 55, 82) $10
    2. Postal code start with (from 01 - 08, 22,23,59 to 71) $25
    3. Any other postal code $18
    4. The delivery time slot is between 5-9pm weekdays, weekends, public holiday 9-5pm due to cold items we had to go by delivery man's location and send your order to ensure freshness. If you are not at home when the delivery guy reaches your doorstep. There wont be any re- route. Extra charges apply. If not we had to re-arrange self collection and the delivery fee will not be REFUND. Thanks for your understanding.

       8. Are your bakes halal?

      • Our bakes no pork, no lard, no alcohol (unless indicated). Using halal sources of ingredients. 

      9. Storage Tips

      • Cookies, pineapple tarts will keep its best appearance and flavor for minimum of 4 weeks. You can store it in room temperature avoid humid and sun areas. 12 - 16 weeks storage space. 
      • Cupcakes and cakes flavor will keep its best appearance and flavor for minimum of 5 days. We recommend freeze them to keep it fresh longer. 
      • MSW durian cake *100%* storage freezer 7 days. 
      • MSW cakes are tricky because they tends to produce water after sometime. need to defrost 1-2 hrs in the fridge before enjoying. 
      • We will bake the freshest cakes and cookies upon ordering and your date of request, Do let us know when is your preferred date on the instruction slot below. 
      • Last min request will not be entertained. 

      10. During festive season, 

      Orders  will up take 1 week, please confirm with me @ 91179988 before purchasing.

      During CNY period, collecting hours before 11am after 9pm as will be out for visiting. 

      11. Refund or return?

      We are not able to process any refund. However, you can request for the cake or cookies to be send anytime within 6 months dated on the date of purchase or you can exchange other products at the same value. Thank you

       12. Collection for cakes.

      I do have limited space for cakes in the fridge. Once date set for collection, please do collect at the time set through SMS. Because I do need to clear the fridge space of the following day order. If not collected, we will have to shift the date to whichever dates available. :)

      13. Collection timing:

      Usually I will arrange collection timing with customers nearer to date. Avoid lunch and dinner timing. Preferred morning. 

      Weekends collection, before 12 noon. 

      14. Cookies sales 

      I only bake fresh cookies. Every week I will consolidate orders and start baking Wednesday & Thursday. Any paid orders before Tuesday 2200hrs submitted through online, I will bake and be able to collect from Friday onwards. Orders submitted through Wednesday will be the following week’s batch.

      I.E. the earliest collection day for an order placed after cut off time will be the following week's wednesday. 

      This is to help ensure the freshness of my bakes and to help me better manage orders.

      15. Amendment on date of collection for cakes?

      No amendments allowed 3 days before the collection date as ingredients has been prepared and slot has been allocated. 

      16. Cakes sizes serving the number of pax?

      Below image is just a guideline. :) 

      Cake Inches Serving pax estimated
      6' 6 - 7 pax
      7' 9 -10 pax

      12 - 14 pax

      9'  15 - 16 pax


       17. Deposit? Cancellation?

      • We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all orders and this is due a minimum of one week prior to the date of the party or at the time of ordering. 
      • If an order is cancelled, any payment made on your order is non-refundable and non transferable.


      Q1: What are the different ways I can get my order during Circuit breaker? Do you all provide delivery? Or can i self-collect?

      During this period, self collection ok but safe distancing required. Please let me know when you are arriving I will hang your orders at my door for your collection.

       Collection time weekday : 8am-5pm

      Collection time weekend & public holiday  : 8am-12noon 

      Delivery available, ranging from $10 - $30 charged by 3rd party delivery. I would appreciate if you can check your location charge range through WATSAPP 91179988 if you are not sure and please do click the correct delivery charges. 

      Q2. Delivery Time Slot? Can I choose?

      Delivery timing is between 5-9pm weekdays, 9-5pm weekends, public holiday . We are working very closely with delivery logistics so as you can receive your bakes as fresh as possible. 

      Unfortunately, to ensure that everyone is able to get their pastries in the most efficient manner, collection timings either through delivery or self-collect will be arranged by us. We will advise you accordingly. 

      ***The delivery time slot is between5-9pm weekdays,  9-5pm weekends, public holdue to cold items we had to go by delivery man's location and send your order to ensure freshness. If you are not at home when the delivery guy reaches your doorstep. There wont be any re- route. Extra charges apply. If not we had to re-arrange self collection and the delivery fee will not be REFUND. Thanks for your understanding.***

      Q3. Damaged cookies or defective items.

      Mema always strive to provide the best pastries at all times.

      With the high volume of 3rd party delivery currently they are having, we will ensure all orders are checked and pass to them in good condition before releasing to them. If slight damage, we are not liable to refund or exchange. Appreciate your understanding.

      But if the damage is VERY BAD. Please do send in photos through watsapp 91179988. From there we can see what is the best that we can do. 

      However, if items are missing or wrong, we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

      We seek your kind understanding and thank you so much for the support during this period.

      Q3. What are the lead time for delivery and self-collect?

      For delivery, the lead time will be 3-5 working days.

      For self-collect, the lead time will be 2-3 working day.

      Q4. What will be the status of cookies & cakes availability?

      Due to circuit breaker, a lot of good quality ingredients and packaging seems rare. We are still trying our best to provide best quality bakes available everyday. Every items will be while stocks last basis. 

      Q5. Can you help me to send a card or message?

      Yes. Is our pleasure to help writing simple messages and of course is free :) . 

      #stayhome #staysafe